BidIdaho Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who determines whether bidders are eligible to bid in BidIdaho auctions?
The Idaho State Treasurer's Office approves all BidIdaho bidders.

2.Do bidders need special software or equipment to use BidIdaho?
No. The BidIdaho website can be accessed using any competent Internet service provider and any popular browser. Faster response is achieved with faster modems and faster Internet connections (e.g., ISDN lines, T-1's, T-3's, etc.).

3.Who can observe auctions while in progress?
BidIdaho will permit anyone with specific consent of the State Treasurer's Office to watch BidIdaho auctions in progress. An administrator observes auctions in progress for "trouble shooting" purposes. No one may observe an auction without the consent of the State Treasurer's Office and special access privileges granted by the auction administrator.

4.Who can view auction results once an auction is over?
The BidIdaho Results Page showing auction results is accessible to any BidIdaho Registrant after an auction is over.

5.What are BidIdaho's security features?
No one can enter an auction without using their password and ID number. BidIdaho maintains a continuous and permanent record showing the time, identity and activity of everyone who "hits" the website. There is a back-up server available at all times which hosts a duplicate copy of the BidIdaho "code" and is capable of running all BidIdaho applications with relatively little set-up time.

6.What if a bidder has a computer or Internet problem during an auction?
Most technical problems are discovered when bidders practice in the trial auction (prior to the real auction), and are rectified shortly thereafter, usually with the assistance of Grant Street Group staff. Grant Street Group staff is available before, during and after the auction to answer technical questions. Usually we are able to help bidders solve their problems immediately.

7.How does BidIdaho communicate last minute changes in the Guidelines to users of the BidIdaho website?
BidIdaho will display the changes on the "Amendments Page" for the related auction. Whenever amendments are added, the date and time of the most recent change is prominently displayed on the website.

8.What is the purpose of the trial auction?
It is a bidding site identical to the real auction where prospective bidders can practice bidding and the State Treasurer's Office can check that all bidding parameters are properly set.

9.What steps must bidders take to participate in BidIdaho auctions?
In order to participate in BidIdaho auctions, bidders must:

  1. Complete registration form accessible from the "Home Page",
  2. Request admission to bid in specific BidIdaho auctions by clicking the "Request Admission" button on the "Selections Page",
  3. Answer all questions on "Acknowledgement Page" affirmatively.

10.Where can I find information about BidIdaho auctions completed to date?
You can see a list of BidIdaho auctions completed to date by clicking the "Results" button at the bottom of the BidIdaho "Home Page".

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